Bioprocess Engineering and Technology (Theory)

1. Introduction to bioprocess engineering.

2. Bioreactors including specialized bioreactors (pulsed, fluidized, photobioreactors etc).

3. Isolation, Preservation and maintenance of industrial microorganisms.

4. Kinetics of microbial growth and types of fermentation process: Analysis of fed-batch and continuous bioreactions, biotransformation, Stability of microbial reactions, Analysis of mixed microbial populations.

5. Downstream processing: Introduction, Removal of microbial cells and solid matter, Foam separation, Precipitation, Filtration, Centrifugation, Cell disruptions, Liquid extraction, Chromatography, Membrane process, Dying and crystallization, Effluent treatment: DOC and COD treatments and disposal of effluents.

6. Enzyme and whole cell immobilization and their industrial applications.

7. Industrial production of chemicals: Alcohol (ethanol), acids (citric acid, acetic acid and gluconic acid), Solvents (glycerol, acetone, butanol), Antibiotics (Penicillin, streptomycin, tetracycline), Aminoacids (lysine, glutamic acid), Single cell protein and Vaccines.